Your Local Guide to Cockroach Control in Wallan

Being known as one of the famous scavengers, cockroaches highly rely on whatever food the humans and pets leave behind. Because like humans, the food of cockroaches consists of carbohydrates, proteins and sugars. Moreover, roaches are social insects and use this speciality of theirs while choosing the food sources on making a collective decision. So, to control these small but nasty pests, you can follow certain tips from our cockroach control guide. 

The tips we suggest you follow are free of any chemicals and easy-to-do ones. Moreover, our cockroach control guide will break the chain of further property damages from the cockroaches. Hence, take our help today to control cockroaches and prevent them from entering your place. 

Tips You Can Follow From Our ‘Cockroach Control Guide’ 

  • Eliminate Food Sources

Pests such as cockroaches are able to last more than one week without water. But water still plays a major role in their diet. So, removing standing water from all the sinks and buckets will help you prevent cockroaches. Because despite their different kinds of diet, they tend to choose to live in those places that have easy access to water. In fact, damp places attract cockroaches the most! 

During their search for food, smell plays a vital part in finding which place is favourable. So, if there is any leftover food on the kitchen tops and floors, roaches get to those places as soon as possible. Despite the food being just a few juice spills or solid food crumbs. As a result, store away the food and eliminate or wipe-clean the leftover food. 

  • Rinse Containers, Bottles And Cans 

The food you leave in the plastic containers, bottles and cans will attract the cockroaches towards them. Even though roaches find what they look for in garbage bins, it doesn’t stop them from entering your place in search of more food. But what to do when the food is already in cans? We will tell you. All you have to do is to follow our tip from our cockroach control guide by rinsing all the bottles, cans, etc, thoroughly. 

  • Empty Out The Bins

Our crucial tip from the cockroach control guide is to get rid of the prime attraction of roaches, which is to empty out the bins. Because bins are one such place that gives everything that a cockroach looks for. So, emptying out the bins on a regular basis or more preferably every other day will help you prevent cockroaches. In addition to the pest entry, you can also indirectly prevent them from breeding at your place! 

  • Remove Pet Food 

Not only human food but also cockroaches like to feed on pet food of cats and dogs. In fact, cockroaches are more active at night. So, when they don’t get any human food(if you store it properly), they will shift to consuming pet food. Therefore, while sealing or storing away your food, make sure to also keep away the pet food. 

  • Seal Cracks And Entrances

Wooden shelves give the best place to live for cockroaches. However, it is not exactly the wooden shelves themselves but the cracks of the wood as they are such a great spot for hiding. And a good approach we suggest to prevent this is to varnish or paint the wood as a cockroach control guide tip. Moreover, if you find small cracks or gaps in the corners of your kitchen, seal them off as quickly as possible. You can also seal other handful weak spots of cockroaches such as: 

  • Electrical sockets 
  • Skirting boards
  • Bathroom cabinets 
  • Sinks under kitchen
  • Fix Leaks In Pipes And Drains 

It is a fact that cockroaches are fond of places where they find moisture and dampness. So, when it comes to choosing an area to be around, they usually stay near leaking drains and pipes. Hence, checking areas as such for confirming the presence of cockroaches and their colonies will be of great help. Therefore, fix all the leaks if you find any with drains and pipes. 

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